Our Buyer Process

How do you decide whom to work with when searching for your Perfect Place?
Here’s an example of our process!

Phase 1:

First 7 Days:

  • First contact will be meet to Identify your needs, wants, type of home, location, timeline etc.
  • Mortgage pre-qualification, Whether you are buying or selling you need to ensure your budget is clear and you have your paperwork in order.
  • Set up with MLS listings delivered to your email every day to start the physical search.

First 14 Days:

  • Identify some likely homes in your price range and criteria and book a showing day
  • Review the results from the first showing day and re-assess your criteria
  • Repeat as necessary until we find the one!

First 15 to 30 Days: (Average timing, we will be with you as long as it takes)

  • Create an offer and present to sellers. Our offer will contain conditions that are designed to protect you Our Client.
  • Negotiate final deal. Agreeing on Price, Terms & Conditions that ensure you the Buyer are protected. Deliver the deposit within 24 Hours.

Phase 2: Post Sale Care

Within 24 Hours:

  • Submit Deal to mortgage pro, insurance agent. You will contact movers to arrange your move to save the date.
  • Hire Lawyer, Submit paperwork to Lawyer for early preparation.

Within 7 Days:

  • Inspection, Water Test, WETT Inspection etc. We are present as Agents for all Inspections.
  • Ensure all the conditions are fulfilled, signed off and communicated to Sellers.

The Deal is now Firm!

Within the next 15 to 90 Days:

  • Buyer revisits for measurements, contractor quotes etc.
  • Follow up until closing to answer any questions you have. Bring in any professionals as needed. Lawyers, Contractors etc.
  • Final Buyer visit 1 to 2 days before closing to ensure everything is as expected. If there are questions we will be there to help find the answers.
  • Important Note:  Re-Check all the systems and appliances for good working order.
  • Moving Day! Plan on getting the keys in the afternoon and meet the movers are your new home!

We will be available to you for any post move questions and concerns. Sometimes things come up like “How does the security system work?” “Where are the keys to the garden shed?” We will always be available to help ensure a smooth transition into your new home.