The New Information Guide.

The New Information Guide.

Happy New Year!

It is certainly a new year for Real Estate.  We in the industry have new rules and regulations that will bring more professionalism and accountability to the industry.

From now on you will receive a copy of the below document which outlines the rights and responsibilities that you can expect during your Real Estate transaction.  Things like the obligations your agent and brokerage have to you the consumer, the risks of self representing and the responsibilities you have as a consumer.  

The most important thing is really that you are presented with this document as early as possible in your real estate journey.  It is a requirement that we as agents present this and explain it to you with your acknowledgement.  

We are no longer able to work with consumers without defining the consumer relationship prior to beginning your home search in relation to a buyer or a listing consultation if you are selling.

It is very important that consumers are very clear on these important points to ensure any questions are addressed before the process begins.  This guide is provided to the industry by the Real Estate Council of Ontario, our governing body.  We as an industry are working together to protect consumers and weed out bad actors.

To see the guide click the link below:

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