1.5% Listing Fee

Why Pay More?

Save Your Money!

Selling your home is one of the most important financial decisions you will make in your life.  We respect that.  

We are not trying to sell you on a low fee low service plan!  Quite the opposite.  We know you work hard for your money.  We work hard as well however we do realise that in recent years to cost of selling has climbed drastically.  

We think there is a better way!

With our program you get all the below benefits for a better price!

Our primary responsibility is to look out for your best  interests.  When you sign a contract with us we are legally bound to do just that.  We will assist in making sure your home is ready to sell.  We will negotiate the best possible deal on your behalf and do our best to ensure your deal closes smoothly.    Give us a call today to discuss your needs.

A La Carte Real Estate:  Pay for what you need and Save!

You Pay 1.5% for the Sale of Your home.        What can you save?  

$900,000 Sale Price

Standard Commission:                                         Our Price:
$900,000 x 2.5% = $22,5000                   $900,000 x 1.5% = $13,500

You Save:  $9,000 

What you get with us:

MLS Listings Free:  All of our listings are on The Multiple Listing Service and are accessible to anyone & everyone 24/7 each & every day on Reator.ca Website and many more.

Direct to Agent Advertising Free:  Upon release, your listing will be emailed to our complete roster of over 200 top agents.

Cross Posted Advertising Free:  Your property will be cross posted on thousands of Realty websites like Zolo, Zoocasa, Realtor.ca and many more helping to build awareness of your listing on the World Wide Web.

Custom URL Free A custom Web URL will be created for your property.  This allows potential buyers, agents and search engines to zero in on your home quickly to maximize exposure.

Paid Web Advertising Free:  We will create custom advertising for Facebook, Kijiji, Craigslist, Youtube to further build the web awareness of your listing.  A pay per click advertising budget will be assigned to your listing ensuring the most exposure of your listing on a variety of social media platforms.

Professional Photography Free:  You home will be photographed by a Professional Real Estate Photographer for Listing and Virtual Tour Purposes.

Colourful Feature Sheets Free: Full Colour Listing Info Brochure will be created for distribution at Open Houses and Agent Showings.

Professional Staging Extra Cost:  Staging can be an important tool in helping you get the most for your Home.  We will connect you with a list of professional stagers to consult with and assist in organizing the staging process. 

Curb Appeal enhancement Free We will recommend enhancements to the curb appeal of your home to maximize your return.

VIP Open Houses FreeWe will personally run multiple VIP Open House Events in your home.  Every VIP Open House Event will be advertised on the MLS system.  During COVID outbreaks we will not be running in person open houses however we will run virtual open houses on Social Media to further promote your home online.

Professionally Installed Extremely Visible Signage Free:  We will install a professionally created Lawn sign on your property (if allowable).  In addition I will print and distribute a series of professionally designed marketing signs to direct potential clients to your listing.

No Surprise Listing Extra Charge: We don’t like surprises.  One of the ways we try to eliminate surprises is to have a home inspection pre-list.  This takes the guesswork out of selling your home ensuring any major or minor repairs that take away value  from your home are found and addressed before you go onto the market.  This Pre-list inspection is then made available to all prospective buyers to give them peace of mind that your home is in its best shape.  This also gives us a negotiating advantage.  Many buyer agents will take advantage of surprises brought up during home inspections, trying to reduce the selling price when deficiencies are found in the home.  We take that advantage away from them and put it back in your court.

Offer Negotiation Free:  With all of our listings you get our experienced and professional handling of all aspects of the offer presentation process.  We are with you at every stage of the negotiation as your professional consultant. 

Post Sale Free:  We monitor and maintain a high level of service after the sale in setting and monitoring post sale appointments, pre-closing appointments, sign removal to ensure the final closing process is smooth.  

Add-Ons at extra charge*

  • Full Motion Video Tour
  • Drone Aerial Photography
  • 3D Home Walk through using new virtual reality technology.
  • Professional Staging By Quote.  Approximately.  $1,500 to $3,000 (We connect you with a stager directly)

Buyer Agent Commission:
We recommend paying market rate buyer agent commission which entices agents to being buyers to your listing.  

This is a limited time promotion.  Expiry September 1 2023. 

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